One could easily say that Spellband are living a “second life”, as they have recently started again to produce remixed music and have begun their collaboration with Vega Records, from July 2011, as well as with Code Red and Tony Records, while growing many other project with US djs / producers.

They are actually becoming quite popular and cool on the NY scene thanks to their unique style and their capability to remix music and build from rnb songs proper house “anthems”, which, although being very hard to find as they are not for sale, they are played by the most influential djs in the world, who all give support to Spellband (L.vega, K.hedge, T.humphries etc).

In July 2011 Louie Vega decided and believed in the talent and the energy of these Italian guys after he heard and played a lot of their remixes, especially Jennifer Hudson ‘Don’t look down’, which proved to be an “unreleased” cool summer anthem, most wanted and impossible to find. They then joined Vega Records and remixed for the label ‘Elements of life’ and 2 of Anane’s songs in only 1 month.

Spellband started to produce music in 1997 and it was probably their different musical background the main reason behind their success.

Giuseppe is the “key” composer, musician and arranger; he started playing instruments when he was 5 years old (he was a drummer child, studied piano for 3 years, bass guitar and blues guitar for 5 years), a very talented child for his small age. He was a musician for many years when he decided to try the “club scene” and, in 1990, he became a successful dj, playing many gigs around Italy.

Andrea is the group co-founder together with Giuseppe. He is also a dj and worked in numerous clubs and radio shows during the 90′s, when he developed a lot of passion for soul music and jazz, and decided to produce dance music as a way to express himself and his fascination with sound. His main role is to edit and give sense to songs / tracks.

Vins is the “man” of sound: a dj from early 90′s, he worked in popular radio shows with Andrea / Giuseppe, and in many Italian clubs. He is responsible for Spellband Sound, Sound enginering, editing and the final touch, and being an ‘audio-addict’ for years, he knows how to pull the proper “spellband sound”.

At the beginning of their musical carreer times were different and it was not easy to setup a home studio. They finally set one up in Giuseppe’s house where they started to play with drum machines, midi, old samplers and in 2 years their music reached the top and captured the attenton of US main labels such as Strictly Rythm, 4th Floor rec etc.

Nobody at the beginning, judging from their production, would think they were italians, but they were! They have on their history over 150 releases (80% on vynil) and more than 100 remixes, and during all these years their name appeared on prestigious compilations like Release Yourself vol 9, with their track ‘Isolator’.

As Djs, they own the Dogzfamily Parties at Room 26, where they got the residency with a very successful monthly party, and this year they were among the many djs involved in the International Promoters Meeting, the first Italian music conference, where their Dj sets got a lot of success among music lovers.